Core ID

Backup is a pain!

And we know it... Let us do it for you - automatically!
What sets us apart from other online backup companies is PERSONAL SERVICE - plain and simple.
Not sure how you feel, but if we had to entrust the protection of our data to someone, I'd like to know who they are, where they are and have a working relationship with them.
Well... that's what we provide.
Mechanical failure of electronic equipment is common and chances are good that your hard drive will eventually malfunction and data will be lost. Are you ready?
CALL US today to learn more about Core-ID Backup Service, the easiest, quickest and most reliable backup strategy you can employ.
Click the logo below for a free trial installation. (Approx 50MB)

This download is for Windows only. Vista supported!
Support for other operating systems (Unix, Mac, Solaris etc) provided by request.

Call us for pricing and plan details and for client install files for other operating systems.